Exercises on Natural, Dorian, Melodic and Harmonic minors – all instruments

Pdf of exercises here: https://jazzduets.com/collections/exercises/products/natural-melodic-dorian-harmonic-minor-exercises


The full title of this video is- “Linear exercises highlighting the colours of the Natural, Dorian, Melodic, Harmonic and Neapolitan Minor for all instruments”

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In this first video of a new Minor series I present some exercises that are built on chords derived from the above scales that
bring out the individual flavour/emotion of each one,
that I hope will be enjoyable for the lover of sounds
0:00 Intro
0:45 Theory
1:10 Natural Minor Harmonised
2:00 Dorian Harmonised
2:45 Jazz Melodic Harmonised
3:34 Harmonic Harmonised
4:14 The Exercises

Thanks to Gerry Smith for proofing!


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