Playing piano with both hands: 3 SIMPLE hand coordination exercises [Hand Independence]

Want to get better at hand coordination or hand independence on the piano? Use these 3 simple exercises to start putting that left hand together with the right.

In this video, I give you three exercises you can use to get started training that hand coordination you need to confidently use both hands on the piano.

First, we take a look at keeping the right hand simple and giving the left-hand something more complicated to do.

Then, we swap this round by giving the right-hand something complicated to do whilst keeping the left hand simple,

Lastly, we put those together to create something that’s a bit more fun to play and sounds like a piece of music.

IMPORTANT: Some of my students find the exercises in this video very easy and fly through them, others take a bit more time. It depends on you and your experience with coordination in general.

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Now over to you: What do you find most difficult when just starting to put that left hand together with the right?

Let me know in the comments below…


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