Skin Care Routine 2018! How I Got CLEAR SKIN!

last video:

my skin care products:

clean and clear mask one

clean and clear chill out cooling face wash

clean and clear touch love acne clearing toner

clean and clear dont flake gel moisturizer

milk makeup match toner

milk makeup cooling water

beautycounter all over acne treatment

beautycounter sos acne spot treatment

sephora rose face mask

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about me:
age: 16
birthday: may 16th, 2002
camera: Canon EOS 70D
editing: final cut pro x

if you would like to translate this video into whatever language you know to help out others who can’t understand me, a dumb american that only knows one language, you can click the settings button, go to subtitles, add subtitles, and then go from there 🙂 thank you!



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